Private Classes

This type of class provides a great opportunity to work on your individual goals and discover your full potential as the class will be tailored to your individual needs,

wishes and level of experience.

A private class could be extremely beneficial for:

  • Beginners who like to find a way into yoga and feel more comfortable in a private setting

  • Students who like to develop their individual practice and get a deeper  understanding on alignment and the benefits of asanas

  •  Professionals with busy lifestyles and demanding jobs.  We'll work around your schedule and aim to find a convenient way  to establish your routine

Private 1 on 1 class

Private class for you and your friends

Corporate Classes

Most of us have experienced an unhealthy level of stress at one point in our lives.

You know what I mean, these kind of days that don't seem to have enough hours to get all the work done, let alone to take a minute and breathe.

I offer corporate yoga classes in your office space to help you

make the most of your time and avoid traveling to the closest yoga studio.

Due to Covid_19 your work routine might have changed, but fear not - I've got your back!

  •  Corporate Yoga courses will be launching soon!

With pre-recorded classes team members can stretch with me at any time of the day, whether it is in the morning, during their lunch breaks or after work.

The anti-desk style of these classes - in person and live - focuses on stretching those muscles which tend to be shortened or tight from sitting a lot and will leave you feeling energized, balanced and happy.

Yoga Class

Corporate                     Classes

Krieger Eins



Group Classes

currently live streamed via Zoom

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UK times but you can join from anywhere in the world

Tuesday 07:30 - Morning Stretch

Tuesday  18:00 - Dynamic Vinyasa


Thursday 19:00 - Afterwork Vinyasa


Sunday    18:00 - Flow and Restore