Private Classes

This type of class provides a great opportunity to work on your indiviual goals and discover your full potential as the class will be tailored to your individual needs,

wishes and level of experience.

A private class could be extremely beneficial for:

  • Beginners who like to find a way into yoga and feel more comfortable in a private setting

  • Students who like to develop their individual practice and get a deeper  understanding on alignment and the benefits of asanas

  •  Professionals with busy lifestyles and demanding jobs.  We'll work around your schedule and aim to find a convenient way  to establish your routine

Private 1 on 1 class

Private class for you and your friends

Corporate Classes

Living and working in a city can be busy sometimes and some of us might be spending a lot of time commuting to/ from work.

I offer corporate yoga classes in your office space to help you

make the most of your time and avoid traveling to the closest yoga studio.

The anti-desk style of these classes focuses on stretching those muscles which tend

to be shortened or tight from sitting a lot.

Corporate                     Classes



 Group Classes - live streamed via Zoom

Tuesday 07:30 - Morning Stretch

Tuesday 18:00 - Dynamic Vinyasa


Thursday 19:00 - Afterwork Vinyasa


Sunday 18:00 - Flow and Restore