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Schatten an der Wand


Mindfulness & Corporate Wellbeing

Anker LaLuna

LaLuna brings more balance, mindfulness and wellbeing into the workspace.

We believe that a company is only as healthy as its employees:

With tailored Stretching, Yoga and Meditation practices we will support your employee's

physical and mental wellbeing and create a safe space to enjoy movement, stillness and team spirit.

Courses & programs are available in German or English language!

Yoga Class

Why Mindfulness?

Research shows that mindful practices such as Yoga and meditation in the workplace

can help reduce stress, back pain and anxiety and improve focus, physical mobility and mental health.

Our tools fit easily into every day's work routine. Regularly practised they may massively improve your employee's wellbeing - resulting in happier, more resilient and less stressed teams.


Our Corporate Wellbeing offers can help improve various aspects of your team's physical and mental health: 

Physical Benefits:

- release tension in the shoulders
- relax the neck muscles

- prevent and soothe back pain

- encourage a healthy posture

Mental Benefits:
- increase focus and concentration

- better manage stress and everyday challenges 

- boost confidence and self-awareness
- calm the mind

- reduce anxiety

LaLuna - Mindfulness For Your Office

Our mission... to make Corporate Wellbeing and mental health a priority,

and the tools easily accessible, inclusive and fun.

We're ready when you are: With pre-recorded sessions, your energizing practices

and relaxing meditations are just a click away. 

Choose from our services above, or let us help you create the perfect program for your team.

What Clients Say:

"A small group of people in the firm I work for decided to take up yoga almost like a New Years resolution. And absolutely thrilled to say that it has been a success.                              

All thanks to Marina, our wonderful and charming instructor. Two months into our Monday sessions and we no longer feel the "Monday blues" because all of us look forward to coming for yoga"

Revathy N.

CampbellReith Consulting Engineers, London, UK

"Marina comes to our office once a week and holds a yoga class with us. It's absolutely lovely as she is really able to bring calm and peace after a stressful day.
All her classes are different so you learn something new every week.                                              
She always teaches with a smile and such positivity!  I don't want to miss our weekly class with her and look forward to it every week."

Steffi N.
Hall & Partners, Headquarters London, UK

Marina delivered multiple desk yoga sessions for our staff at Youth Music and everyone had wonderful comments about her teaching style and how relaxed they felt afterwards.

With the pandemic not going anywhere soon it’s more important than ever to help look after wellbeing - definitely recommend a lunchtime stretch with Marina as part of that. Thanks Marina! 

Phoebe C.

National Foundation for Youth Music, London, UK

Ready to start your journey with us?

Ps: Your team will thank you ;)

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