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Ben, Private Class

"A great instructor if you're looking for a route into yoga. She most likely can coach experienced yogis too but my experience was wanting to find my own initial way into the discipline without feeling like I wasn't getting it or wasn't flexible enough to even try. She is a very good communicator and has a lovely way of explaining things. Impeccable time keeping and reliability also. She's been teaching me for a month now and I hope to continue for a long time. My only fear is recommending her and then she gets too busy! Maybe I shouldn't be leaving a review at all!"

Josh, Private Class

"In the past I've been to classes and used YouTube yoga videos, and always ended up frustrated and a bit bored. I really wanted to give yoga another go to explore the benefits of a deeper mind-body connection.

Marina has been a brilliant teacher for me - I find her supportive, kind, and patient, as well as calm and very present. We often work on modifications of poses so they're easier for me to relax into. As a result I've incorporated yoga into my daily routine and I'm feeling more connected and grounded in my body, as well as experiencing greater relaxation and ease of movement."

Gemma, Corporate Class

"I invited Marina to come and teach our first yoga class after work in our little shoreditch studio, to a group of 6 complete beginners. Marina was simply wonderful! The class was brilliantly planned and she explained every stretch and every move as we worked through the class together, checking in with us to make sure every single person in the room felt comfortable and assured. We left feeling worked, relaxed and inspired [...] Can’t wait for next week!! X "

Katya, Corporate Class

"We invited Marina to conduct a yoga class for our employees as a part of our corporate wellness day. Marina was very professional, came on time and set up the room nicely. The class itself was very well taught and the instructions were very clear [...] Marina comes across as a well-balanced, calm and relaxed person with lovely personality.
We enjoyed Marina's class and I would definitely recommend her."

Antonis, Group Class

"I've never tried yoga before Marina's classes and I couldn't have had a better first experience! Marina was very accommodating to my lack of knowledge and explained every move as the class kept going, explaining how one can adapt each move to their own abilities. Since then I've been going to these classes which remain a great mixture between beginners and regulars. We are all challenged and accommodated based on our individual abilities, meaning that improvement is constant without losing any motivation! I will remain a regular!"

Liz, Group Class

"Marina is a wonderful yoga teacher. All week I look forward to my lesson even though I'm quite stiff and unfit, so am not really that good at yoga - yet! She smiles a lot and is really encouraging. I also love that all the poses have options so the people at the class who are incredibly flexible can be challenged whilst I am also challenged at my own level. I'm so glad to have found such a great yoga teacher and would really recommend her to you."

Ellie, Online Course "Rise&Shine"

"Your morning yoga course has really saved me

these last couple of weeks.

I've had so much work on but taking the time to stretch and/or meditate with your videos has really helped me to start the day in a really positive, calm way.

I've loved it so much that I've just bought the 
'Get Grounded' and the 'Get Energised' courses too."

Cindy, Online Course "New Beginnings"

WOW!!! What a start,
I am just speechless how great it feels!
As usual Marina is an amazing teacher,
guiding us gently and mindfully.
Thank you so much Marina!!!
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