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Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga with Marina
Private Classes
Corporate Classes
Group Classes


Private Classes

This type of class provides a great opportunity to work on your indiviual goals and discover your full potential

as the class will be tailored to your individual needs, wishes and level of experience.

A private class could be extremely beneficial for:

- Beginners who like to find a way into yoga and feel more comfortable in a private setting

- Students who like to develop their individual practice and get a deeper understanding

  on alignment and the benefits of asanas

- Professionals with busy lifestyles and demanding jobs.

  We'll work around your schedule and aim to find a convenient way to establish your routine

Private 1 on 1 class

Private class for you and your friends

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Corporate Classes

Living and working in a city can be busy sometimes and some of us might be spending a lot of time commuting to/ from work.

I offer corporate yoga classes in your office space to help you make the most of your time and

avoid traveling to the closest yoga studio.

The anti-desk style of these classes focusses on stretching those muscles which tend to be shortened or tight from sitting a lot.

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Group Classes

                                                                                  Monday & Friday

10:30am     Yoga in the garden at Cafe Del Marsh in SE1 Waterloo London

Click here to see what my students say
"Marina's classes are the perfect combination of progress and serenity. I've been particularly impressed with how far I've come in the short space of time that she has been teaching me. Her big smile and professional but playful demeanour always leaves me and my my classmates looking forward to the next lesson."
George  (Private Class)
"A great instructor if you're looking for a route into yoga. She most likely can coach experienced yogis too but my experience was wanting to find my own initial way into the discipline without feeling like I wasn't getting it or wasn't flexible enough to even try. She is a very good communicator and has a lovely way of explaining things. Impeccable time keeping and reliability also. She's been teaching me for a month now and I hope to continue for a long time. My only fear is recommending her and then she gets too busy! Maybe I shouldn't be leaving a review at all!"
Ben  (Private Class)
"I invited Marina to come and teach our first yoga class after work in our little shoreditch studio, to a group of 6 complete beginners. Marina was simply wonderful! The class was brilliantly planned and she explained every stretch and every move as we worked through the class together, checking in with us to make sure every single person in the room felt comfortable and assured. We left feeling worked, relaxed and inspired. Marina is a true delight and we couldn’t recommend her enough and have asked her to continue taking us on our yoga journey together on a weekly basis :) can’t wait for next week!! X "
Gemma (Corporate Class)
"We invited Marina to conduct a yoga class for our employees as a part of our corporate wellness day. Marina was very professional, came on time and set up the room nicely. The class itself was very well taught, instructions were very clear and Marina made sure that no one got any injuries by providing safety tips for particular positions. Marina comes across as a well-balanced, calm and relaxed person with lovely personality. We enjoyed Marina's class and I would definitely recommend her."
Katya  (Corporate Class)
"I've never tried yoga before Marina's classes and I couldn't have had a better first experience! Marina was very accommodating to my lack of knowledge and explained every move as the class kept going, explaining how one can adapt each move to their own abilities. Since then I've been going to these classes which remain a great mixture between beginners and regulars. We are all challenged and accommodated based on our individual abilities, meaning that improvement is constant without losing any motivation! I will remain a regular!"
Antonis  (Group Class @ Waterloo)
"I really enjoy Marinas yoga classes and cannot recommend it enough. She is a great teacher and plans her classes for all abilities so everyone can join in. Can't wait for my next class!"
Vanessa  (Group Class @ Waterloo)
More testimonials and reviews can be found on my Bidvine profile:


Hey... My name is Marina

I'm a London based Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

I have started to practice Yoga about 6 years ago, looking for a way to keep me balanced and happy after a fast paced and stressful day at work. Yoga soon became my passion and daily routine, allowing myself to slow down and reconnect with myself.

Experiencing the great benefits of Yoga I felt the need to share the beauty of a Yoga practice and decided to get certified as a teacher. I have finished a 200h Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance at Ananda Yoga and Wellness Resort in Thailand and an additional 60h Intensive Hatha Yoga Training in 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

I teach alignment-based Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga, an energising practice linking breath and movement to a smooth and dynamic sequence.  In my classes I will give clear instructions and modifications for a safe practice,

suitable for beginners and intermediate students.


I truly believe that you don't have to be super flexible in order to enjoy the benefits of a Yoga class.

So don't worry too much if you can't touch your toes ;)  beginners are always welcome!


Come and join me for a good stretch!


Best wishes, Marina

 Breathe deeper.

 Laugh louder.

 Worry less.

 Travel more.

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