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Video Courses 

Your practice - Your pace

Remember, when thing's get crazy you're just a click away from a good stretch

Filmed, edited & produced with lots of love (& lots of coffee) by me, for you!

Enjoy xxx

Yoga Basics - Die Sonnengrüße (DE)

"Yoga Für Dich - Basics & Grundlagen" ist mein neuer Kurs - diesmal auf Deutsch!

Hier findest du einen kurzen Ausschnitt zum Probieren und Mitüben.

Der Sonnengruß ist eine klassische Abfolge von kurzen Übungen, die ganz geschmeidig und fließend miteinander verbunden werden. Die Sonnengrüße helfen dir den kompletten Körper zu strecken, deine Muskeln zu stärken und deine Flexibilität zu steigern.

Bestes für Beginner geeignet - Probier's doch gleich aus!


"Yoga Für Dich "- Basics, Grundlagen & Aufbau

 Ich zeige dir Schritt für Schritt, wie du die Übungen individuell

an dein Erfahrungs-Level bzw. momentanes Energie-Level anpassen kannst und so deinen ganz persönlichen Weg in die Welt des Yoga findest.

"Yoga Für Dich" ist ein kompletter Video Kurs, der aus  8 Videos bzw. 2 Modulen besteht:

Modul A) "Basics"

beinhaltet Basic Stretches als tolle Einführung in die Welt des Yoga:

 - Die Sonnengrüße

- Yoga am Morgen

- Yoga im Sitzen

- Rückenyoga

Modul B) - "Grundlagen & Aufbau"

beinhaltet weitere Stretches, Grundlagen und auch ein paar dynamischere Moves ;)


- Slow Flow

- Kurze Yoga Pause

- Dynamischer Yoga Flow

- Stretch & Relax

Dynamic Cat Stretch

 Energize your body and relax your busy mind with this FREE 25 min taster class. 

I'll guide you through a dynamic flow, juicy twists

and you'll meet a fluffy cat called Wanda :)

In case you want to stretch a little longer with us:

The full version of the video will be available in my new Online Course "New Beginnings"



Yoga To Let Go And Make Space


This course is about new beginnings & fresh starts,

about letting go of the Old in order to make space for the New.

It's a lovely reminder that at any given point in time (not only NEW YEAR'S !!)

we're given the chance to start something fresh and new.

With lovely 4x 1h yoga sequences, a little bonus video, meditations and affirmations

we'll go through this together.

If you feel like it's time to start something NEW then sign up below 

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Lunch Break Yoga For Cold Days

 Let me guide you through these cold winter days

with heart opening & warming Good-Mood-Sequences for every body.

We let go of perfection and keep your heart

and mind open to all the possibilities around us.


Rise & Shine : Good-Morning-Yoga-Routine

6 weeks - 6 videos - 6 meditations

Let me help you find your way into a morning Yoga routine. 
You'll receive 1 new video + meditation each week.

We'll move gently, breathe deeply and by the end of each class / meditation you'll be ready to face the day with a smile on the lips :)

Practice whenever you like, as often as you like, and discover the magic of a good morning yoga routine!


Rise & Shine - The Gift:

 Morning-Yoga-Routine for your loved ones


A perfectly sustainable gift for someone who already has everything but

time to rest, stretch and breathe.

6 weeks - 6 videos - 6 meditations

We'll move gently, breathe deeply and by the end of each class / meditation you'll be ready to face the day with a smile on the lips :)

Practice whenever you like and discover the magic of a good morning yoga routine! 


Get Grounded

Lockdown anxiety?

Don't worry! 

I've got 3 calming & grounding sequences for you to practice whenever things feel overwhelming or simply "too much".

Let's calm our busy minds, soften our hearts and find balance & stillness in these wild times.

Tip: Combine with "Get Energized"


Get Energized

Lockdown anxiety?
Don't worry! 

These "Quick Stretches" are designed to energize the body

and calm the mind at the same time.

The short sequences are ideal for your lunch break, after work, or whenever you don't have much time but still want to give your tight muscles a nice stretch.

Tip: Combine with "Get Grounded"


Flexi Yogi Package - I've got your back

Let me guide you through juicy twists, deep stretches and show you a way to rest your tired soul and busy mind in these wild times.


* Heart Opening Yoga Flow - to move freely and cultivate compassion and kindness

* Twist and Detox - to clear the cluttered mind and stretch the tight muscles

* Side Body Stretch - to find space, balance and stillness

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